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Software Upgrade Enables Taper Compensation with the OMAX A-Jet Cutting Head

March 28th, 2012 Comments off

At OMAX we never stop improving our software and our customers reap the benefits.   Our latest software upgrade includes a feature that makes our extremely popular A-Jet articulated cutting head suitable for fully automated taper compensation.  This means that the A-Jet accessory can not only make angled cuts and bevels, but can also automatically correct for the taper normally found in an abrasive waterjet cut. The OMAX user merely clicks a button on the Make screen to enable taper compensation.  The software then uses our well-proven taper-prediction model to accurately compute the anticipated taper and make the necessary angular corrections needed to compensate for it.  The user gets an accurate part that is free of unwanted taper.  Best of all, this upgrade is free to all existing A-Jet owners and will be automatically included in all future A-Jet purchases.

People often ask me if I think that software upgrades are really worth anything.  This is just an example of what improved software can do to increase machine performance and user capability:  a more accurate part with no change in hardware—just a software upgrade.

Best regards,

John Olsen