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Multi-Part Series: Greater Capability Means More Applications—Cutting Table Sizes

November 10th, 2011

OMAX started with a single 2 ft x 4 ft precision cutting table.  It permitted even the smallest general machine shop to quickly produce small flat parts from almost any material.  The Model 2652 is still popular today for that application but now it is just one of many table sizes.

Our smallest table, the Model 2626, and its ultra-precise cousin, the Model 2626xp, are being used by shops that specialize in small parts made from small material stock.  The Model 2626xp has helped to pioneer medical applications for small highly precise instruments and implants.  The standard Model 2626 is widely used by universities, research organizations and specialty manufacturers who value its small shop footprint and its ability to cut small parts from a wide variety of materials.

The great majority of our cutting tables are now larger (indeed much, much larger) than our original Model 2652.  The larger tables range in size from 55” x 100” to a huge 160” x 560” (a full 4 meters x 14 meters).  These larger tables have expanded the range of customer applications in three ways:

First is simply the ability to cut very large parts. Examples include boat hull panels and structural members, full side panels for passenger rail cars, large panels for aircraft applications and incredibly complex architectural artwork for buildings and displays.

Second is the ability to cut relatively small parts from very large material stock.  Automatic nesting permits maximum material utilization and minimum scrap in expensive materials such as titanium and composites. The use of large stock reduces material costs and improves productivity.

Third is the ability to increase productivity by operating a fully-independent second cutting nozzle on a separate gantry bridge.  In effect one can have two fully independent cutting systems operating on a single large table.  This capability is unique to the larger tables that use our innovative Intelli-Trax linear motion system.  I discussed the Intell-Trax system in great detail in my blog of November 3, 2009, so take a look at that entry if you want more detail.

On top of the broader applications made possible by our expanded range of OMAX table sizes is the increase in economically viable applications due to our MAXIEM product line.  MAXIEM systems offer industry-standard precision and OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting flexibility in a package that is more affordable for those shops that do not need the high precision of an OMAX.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is currently the fastest growing manufacturing technology in the world.  We in the industry continue to expand its capabilities, which leads to expanded applications and expanded use of our systems.   It is a nice spiral upward.  Our goal is an abrasive waterjet system in every shop.

OMAX 80X JetMachining Center Dual Bridge and a MAXIEM 0707 JetCutting Center

OMAX 80X JetMachining Center Dual Bridge and a MAXIEM 0707 JetCutting Center

Best regards,

John Olsen

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